Every piece of software needs routine maintenance, from updates and upgrades to keep ahead of security vulnerabilities through to patching API integrations as they change. Errors and bugs need resolving, new features to add value to your business need developing. We can help.

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Legacy Application Modernisation

It’s sometimes a bit of a paradox, but the older a system gets, the more expensive it becomes to maintain. Security patching, sourcing compatible updated dependencies (if they even exist) or the cost of replacing components when that fails. Technology moves at an alarming pace and the costs build up. Furthermore, your business today probably isn’t what it was ten, five or even two years ago, so are your current systems helping you stay lean and agile, or do you find yourself struggling to revolve your business around the limits of your legacy platform?

Your software should be an asset, not a millstone. By updating to a modern and reliable solution, we can fine-tune the system to your needs of today and the future.


Cloud Transformation

Cloud technology has been a total game-changer for enterprise in that it revolutionised how we can consume data. As a result, we can achieve greater flexibility, scalability, collaboration and cost efficiency.

By utilising a pay-as-you-use model rather than being tied in to costly and depreciating physical assets or long-term leases, you can use stretch and money much further.

This is also as much a culture change as it is a technological one, in that it positively changes how you interact with your employees and customers.


Technology Version Updates

As time progresses, so does technology. Python versions update roughly every year, as does PHP, Javascript, and the infinite number of packages that your website or application needs to run. The problem is, sometimes you need to update because, for example, a security vulnerability exists and you find that the latest version is incompatible with your system. Maybe your insurance will not cover you if you have any issues and you’re running an old, vulnerable version of WordPress. Sometimes, you just want that great new feature in the latest version of Django.

Version updates should be routine, tedious and mundane, and they are, until they’re not, and if you need expert assistance in updating your systems, please get in touch.


Bug and Error Resolution

There is absolutely no such thing as bug-free code, and anyone that guarantees that their’s is is a liar.

Things can and do go wrong occasionally, sometimes hidden well away, others spectacularly so.

Given an hour, I investigate the problem and report back with recommendations and a quote. Depending on the severity, I can work out of hours to resolve your problem, simply get in touch to discuss the problem.


Automated Testing Suite Development

Testing, specifically automated testing, is the single most valuable tool to prove the smooth execution of scenarios in your system. Without it, how would you know whether or not that new widget in the toolbar breaks your entire website? What will happens is that a human will only check the widget, deploy it to your production server, your website goes down with your prospective customers going elsewhere.

Tests should be written alongside (read: before) code, however failing that, tests can be written for existing systems, meaning that any new code that breaks existing functionality will need to be rethought and importantly doesn’t cause a problem with your customers or main stakeholders.

Achieve your goals through technology.

Get in touch to discuss your challenges and goals, we are here to make your business succeed.

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