Learn Laravel: The Framework for Artisans

Our Laravel course will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to harness the capabilities of Laravel to build robust, scalable web applications.



Unlock the full potential of Laravel, the powerful PHP framework transforming web development across various industries, with our immersive three-week training course. Whether you’re an aspiring developer or a seasoned professional, this course will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to harness the capabilities of Laravel to build robust, scalable web applications.

This course assumes a familiarity with PHP. If you are a PHP beginner or could use a refresher, please see our Web Development with PHP course.

Course Overview:

Duration: Three weeks
Sessions: Two-hour remote sessions every week
Support: Six months of free anytime advice and mentoring

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Introduction to Laravel and Its Ecosystem:
    • Get acquainted with Laravel’s architecture and its comprehensive ecosystem.
    • Understand the framework’s core principles, including MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern.
    • Discover the benefits of using Laravel in various industry applications, from e-commerce platforms to educational portals and enterprise-level solutions.
  2. Mastering the Blade Templating Engine:
    • Dive into Blade, Laravel’s powerful templating engine, to create dynamic, responsive web pages.
    • Learn how to use Blade directives and template inheritance to streamline your workflow.
    • Enhance user interfaces with reusable components and layouts.
  3. Working with Events:
    • Explore the event-driven architecture of Laravel.
    • Learn to handle events and listeners to build decoupled, modular applications.
    • Implement real-time broadcasting with Laravel Echo and Pusher.
  4. Building RESTful APIs:
    • Create and consume RESTful APIs using Laravel.
    • Understand the principles of REST and how to integrate third-party services.
    • Learn to secure your APIs with Laravel Passport and authentication techniques.
  5. Developing and Testing Web Applications:
    • Build scalable web applications from the ground up.
    • Implement best practices for coding, debugging, and deployment.
    • Gain hands-on experience with Laravel’s testing suite to ensure your applications are robust and reliable.

Why Laravel is Essential:

Laravel has become a cornerstone in web development due to its elegant syntax, powerful features, and robust performance. Its adoption spans numerous industries, including:

  • E-commerce: Powering online stores with efficient product management and secure payment integrations.
  • Healthcare: Developing secure patient management systems and telemedicine platforms.
  • Education: Building interactive learning management systems and virtual classrooms.
  • Finance: Creating reliable, secure financial transaction processing systems.

Course Benefits:

  • Expert-Led Training: Learn from seasoned Laravel developers with real-world experience.
  • Interactive Sessions: Participate in live, hands-on sessions with practical examples and projects.
  • Extended Support: Receive six months of free advice and mentoring to assist you with your projects and career growth.